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Aktuelle Themen

Natascha Ouillon The role of bioenergetics in physiological responses to marine bioturbators to coastal hypoxia.
Jennifer Steffen. Thema The mitochondrial basis of hypoxia tolerance in marine mollusks.
Fangli Wu The interactive effects of temperature, salinity and nanopollutants on immunity and bioenergetics of marine bivalves.
Torben Bruhns The role of host-microbiome interactions in physiological performance of the Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas in extreme habitats. Effects of UV-filters on the common mud worm Arenicola marina.
Linda Adzigbli Phosphorus as a metabolic regulator during environmental stress in animals.
Pham Duy Nghia Biomarker-based assessment of the interactive effects of temperature and salinity on toxicity of estuarine sediments to marine macrozoobenthos.
Annemarie Klemmstein Effects of temeperature and a pharmaceutical gemfibrozil on bioenergetics of marine mussels Mytilus edulis.
Hui Kong Effects of hypoxia and temperature stress on the reproductive performance of the blue mussels Mytilus edulis.
Leo Gottschalck Energy-related effects of multiple eutrophication-driven stressors on key bioturbators of the coastal Baltic Sea".
Dominique Noetzel Physiologically-based assessment of performance of keystone benthic species in the context of marine conservation measures.